Pandora Bracelet with Evil Eye Beads

Evil Eye Bracelets – Pandora Style

Pandora bracelets are definitely a summer favorite like last year but the steep price tag can keep many out of the picture. If you are after the look more than the brand and labels, JEYLA has the perfect solution with its evil eye bracelets with pandora style beads. The website offers several types of these bracelets and even a few watches with these gorgeous beads.

One of these unique evil eye bracelets is sure to appeal to your taste but if you want to make your own personal bracelet, use the customization options that offers to make an evil eye bracelet that is truly YOURS. Choose the specific beads you want in terms of style and color and Jeyla Jewelry will be glad to make one for you.

Check out their selection of evil eye beads for Pandora style bracelets @

Evil Eye Tee Shirt

A great evil eye gift for Mothers Day

As we approach Mothers Day, it is time to think of a way to say thank you to our mothers for all they have given us. No gift can express our true appreciation and gratitude but putting thought into the gift is perhaps the least we can do. As part of the Evil Eye Shirts collection, offers a wide selection of gift ideas and none better than the pictured ” I love Mom” design. Available to be printed on a wide range of brand name clothing items from t-shirts to hooded sweatshirts, it promises to be the most unique gift you have ever bought her.

You can also check out for a great selection of other items with the same theme from sports items to designs that will bring a smile to their faces on this very important day.  There is no doubt that every single day is an opportunity to say thanks for all they have done but Mothers Day provides us with a great opportunity to show that we are thinking of them.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever


Happy Mothers Day!!!

Evil Eye Bracelets

Be My Valentine!

We all think of hearts and chocolate when it comes to Valentine’s day gifts.  At least most men definitely do but can you do the same thing for every Valentine’s day and still be considered thoughtful? Every gift we get is special but I think we can all appreciate some originality.

Jeyla’s exclusive jewelry collection guarantees just that… a unique gift with an original look. From the traditional pink colored items (if you still want to stick to the classics) to your loved one’s favorite color, the website offers an excellent choice for anyone. Browse through their wide selection to find one that your will surprise your loved one in the most special way.

No… we cannot help find a good spot to take them out to dinner. We took care of the gift part for you, the rest is all yours! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

Evil Eye Hoodies for Kids

More Evil Eye T-Shirts Revealed @ JEYLA

Jeyla keeps adding on to its unique Evil Eye Fashions collection and now has 12 unique designs of evil eye apparel.  The designs vary for simple to elegant and even includes designs for kids.  All designs are exclusive to JEYLA as they hold the copyrights as all were created by their own designers and are nothing like you will find online. Add the extremely affordable pricing to this equation and it is easy to see why it has been a huge success thus far. Compared to Tshirts on sites like zazzle and cafepress, these designs are not only more affordable but definitely more pleasing to the eye.

With Xmas shopping season upon us, this new line of evil eye apparel is bound to be an even bigger hit. Check out the new line of evil eye tshirts now!!! The designs are also available on sweatshirts and hoodies for those of us that are getting ready for the cold winter.

Trademark of

Evil Eye Shirts Are Here

The new evil eye clothing collection of JEYLA Evil Eye Jewelry has definitely been worth the wait. had discussed the upcoming line almost five months ago and even though the announcement of the new clothing line seemed imminent at the time, the addition of the items to the website will be finalized today.  ” There were several large projects being worked on simultaneously and we wanted to make sure everything was just right before we finalized them ” says Angie Uras of JEYLA.  She also stated that the new website would also be live later this week but the new site’s product selection is expected to almost double by Xmas Shopping season begins. Jeyla Fashions will have something for everyone. From fishing T-Shirts to Humor, all categories are covered. We will have over two thousand designs of shirts and clothing as well as several matching accessories not to mention items that can be customized. The website is expected to be live within the next few days and we will definitely pass on the details right here!

Evil Eye Shirts on JEYLA will feature several designs from elegant to vibrant and will definitely appeal to all as it will be available in various forms of clothing from bibs for toddlers to sweatshirts and hoodies.  The design we chose to feature on this post is perhaps one of the most elegant and detailed of the designs. Check out the website for the full selection and let us know which one your favorite is.


Evil Eye Necklace from JEYLA

Evil Eye Necklaces

The traditional evil eye necklace consists of a simple evil eye pendant on a basic sterling silver or 14K gold chain. As fashion and jewelry evolves, so does evil eye jewelry. While most evil eye jewelry stores struggle to adjust and come up with new designs to offer, the successful ones continue to dominate through innovation.

Jeyla Jewelry’s Exclusive collection features over a hundred evil eye jewelry pieces that are truly exclusive. Even when some designs are imitated, the same quality and innovative designs are never duplicated. The new selection of evil eye necklaces has over twenty new pieces of evil eye jewelry like the one pictured. The evil eye necklaces feature a wide variety of beads and chains including semi-precious beads as well as sterling silver charms and pendants.

Check out the entire selection of Jeyla’s exclusive evil eye jewelry as it features not only the necklaces we discussed but evil eye bracelets and earrings that you can not find on any other website or store.

Evil Eye Apparel

Sick of looking at T-Shirts with a badly drawn evil eye that is priced at $25-30 at sites like CafePress or Zazzle? We have great news for you!

JEYLA , the leading evil eye jewelry website is about to launch Jeyla Apparel, a new website that will have wide variety of evil eye clothing items as well as accessories to match. What’s even better is the ability to shop both websites simultaneously and being able to add your favorite evil eye jewelry item to an item you love at the apparel site. Sounds great right? Well, it gets better. The website is also planning to expand its current selection of evil eye accessories which include an evil eye for men section with items like money clips, tie clips and jacket pins.

Is there an evil eye apparel item that you would like to see, one that you have been looking for and was never able to find? Share your ideas with and hope that Jeyla Apparel follows through on this promising concept

Evil Eyes — There are apps for that!

Search the itunes app store and you will be amazed with the number of evil eye apps with claims of protecting you as well as your phone from the forces of evil. Before we take a look at these apps themselves in our future posts, lets evaluate their validity. Are these apps that provide you with a way of putting the evil eye on your phone as most of the smartphones cannot use evil eye cell phone charms or just to get your 99cents because it seems like nothing to spend.

There are thousands of applications for smartphones and most are just designed to take away your money by simply being cheap. You can get an app similar to the various evil eye applications for 99cents or at most a few dollars that serve no real purpose but at the end of the day, we have our excuses for spending the money for it like…it did not cost you much,less than a cup of coffee etc.

Just like anything else that we would consider a ‘luxury’, these applications are there to provide an outlet for your disposable income. We will start looking these applications on and let you decide if they are worth the money you spend on them.

Let us know your thoughts on these applications as well as your thoughts on these applications as a whole. I think we would all agree that if they do indeed work,  99cents is a very low price to pay for evil eye protection.

Don’t have to create to share

We normally reserve this side of our blog to those who create evil eye jewelry through the use of evil eye beads and share their creations with you. We recently had the following submitted by Ozkan who has several items on his etsy page himself.

Ozkan does not do evil eye jewelry himself but we feel strongly that his words had to be heard and would mean a lot to those who believe in the power and beauty of the evil eye.

“The oven, with a mixture of fire and smoke from thousands evil eyes .. Blue eyes for thousands of years of history, the new owners and all the world’s eyes, you may experience facing a very visible …

Turkey is really an evil eye bead paradise. A stranger … Secret eyes, constantly monitored to give a sense there are so many evil eyes. Beads decorate the item, or an evil eye bead shop is ornamental. Different shapes and designs come together, allows for a very different shape.

I do not do evil eyes. However, various combinations of masters incredible creations. Figures are interesting and different combinations so that they created. Evil eye bead and gift items with figures forward to many countries around the world, the positive power of blue eyes, beyond the understanding of religious beliefs, all I want to share with people.”

Evil Eye Giftset from JEYLA

Evil Eye Jewelry Deals

The weeks after the holidays are always very similar. As the dust settles, we have a lot to do…AGAIN! The cleanup, recovery, returning or exchanging of several gifts, finding room for those gifts that might not be as practical as once thought, and of course the post holiday deals in the stores.

We are not just talking about the specials being run on the sweaters with the green Xmas tree on it. There are still several deals to be had in stores and even more importantly online. Several websites run specials on items that did not sell well as expected or even at times to appeal to that gift card you got.

Evil Eye Jewelry shopping is just like any other and there are still several great deals to be had online. Jeyla Jewelry @ still has several great offers including the $14.99 gift set featuring a beautiful swarovski style evil eye bracelet of your choice that comes already wrapped in a gorgeous gift box.

You might need a small gift to thank someone you feel deserves it for this Christmas season or might simply want to reward yourself for a holiday season that can always be tiring. Either way, mission will be accomplished with a great evil eye jewelry offer from JEYLA Jewelry.

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