Evil Eye Jewelry by ArdorFire

Evil Eye Bracelet
 Evil Eye.org has continues to share your creative work with others. Today we are taking a look at some of the work of Ardor Fire who primarily offers her work on www.etsy.com. As we do on most of our Your Evil Eye Creations articles, we will let the artist explain their own work.   

“I am a handmade jewellery designer inspired by living in the middle east for the earlier part of my life. Grew up in Israel and went to art school in Jerusalem. 

I love collecting hard to find interesting materials to create my unique designs inspired by Morocco, desert tribes and the Mediterranen lifestyle. And like combining pieces from each culture in the middle east, and do not believe in cultural borders for my designs.
I work intuitively with my materials and love putting unexpected pieces together.
I use evil eyes in my designs as it was part of life in the middle east. I am attracted to the culture the evil eye is part of. ”

Ardorfire uses glass evil eye beads to complement her jewelry and creates unique pieces that look simply gorgeous. You can see and purchase some of our work on her etsy page where she has over 100 items available. Not all her work features evil eye beads but they do have a similar elegant look to them. 

ArdorFire’s work shows that an addition of a simple glass evil eye bead can add a lot to any jewelry piece not only by adding meaning to it but by bringing an extra element to the entire piece.

The number of artists interested in sharing their work with our blog followers is increasing so rapidly that we pretty much have a line of bead enthusiast itching to showcase their evil eye jewelry pieces with our readers. We will continue to add a new artist every few days and if you are interested in submitting an article of your own, do not let the line discourage you. Send an email to us and we will get your article posted on our blog as well. Afterall, our goal is to underline the effect of the evil eye culture in many aspects from our arts and crafts to daily lifestyles.


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