Who believes in the Evil Eye?

Research Results

According to a study posted by PewResearchCenter, 16% of Americans believe in the evil eye or the fact that certain people can cause bad things happen to others by unexplained powers they possess.

Is this an accurate number? Even though this is a result of a smaller research(sampling of 2000 people), the numbers seem to be a lot lower than what is encountered in real life. The research is not specific on how the results were reached and if people were simply asked if they believe in the evil eye. As with any superstitious belief or at least one that is considered to be one, the belief in the evil eye is sometimes not revealed by many.

Weigh in with your estimation of the percentage of people who believe in the evil eye, lucky eye or the overall belief that a look given by a person can cause ill effects on others. Do you think 16% is accurate?

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One Response to “Who believes in the Evil Eye?”

  1. Merve says:

    I know I do!!! Evil Eye is a very important part of daily life in Turkey. I really think a lot of people believe in it, just do not want to admit it.

    There is no way it is only 16%! I would put it at at least 60%

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