Evil Eye Bracelets from Eva RosenCutter

Evil Eye Jewelry

Today’s evil eye jewelry artist is Eva Rosencutter. Eva was introduced to the concept of the evil eye through a friend she calls “very Greek”. Eva inquired about the blue glass evil eye hanging on the door of her friend’s house and once she was explained the concept of the evil eye, she was hooked. Welcome aboard Eva!!!

Eva’s first bracelet was given to her by her Greek friend but it soon started a series of evil eye¬†bracelets that Eva made herself.

“I started making other bracelets to wear with my original and thought I should make some for others. My favorites are the bracelets with the hand painted evil eye beads from Turkey. I like to experiment with different beads and I am learning other jewelry techniques to expand my inventory to items other than bracelets.¬†”

You can see her current selection of evil eye jewelry at her Etsy page. Eva says once she had the evil eye bracelet that her friend gave her “A calmness has come over me and I no longer worry about what others might be thinking when they look my way. I believe that the mati (evil eye) deflects the negativity of others and no harm can come from protecting yourself.”

We are looking to see Eva’s future work and will definitely follow up with her to see her new items in the future. Her approach to evil eye jewelry is one that many of us share where its presence can give us peace of mind and relax us as no other piece of jewelry can.

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