Evil Eyes in Circles

Evil Eye Pendant

Cathy is the creator behind Pink Glass Palace. Her work is pretty unique in the way the items are made but it definitely produces some beautiful results. We will let Cathy explain her creation process.

“I don’t do bead work, so my pieces are made of circles that I cut. This is more difficult than it sounds because glass likes to be cut in a line, circles are unnatural. I work up a sweat trying to make circles! I then take a batch of circles with a variety of sizes and colors and assemble them in layers inside my kiln. I fire it up and about 24 hours later can take a look at how the layers of melted. Many times I’m surprised at the size or how the colors bended. Most of the time I’m excited about the end result.”

Cathy is not the only one excited about the end result, that is for sure. She does not do only evil eye jewelry pieces but of course those were the ones that caught our eye the most and the ones we wanted to share with www.evileye.org readers. You can find her entire collection on her etsy page.

Cathy does make other evil eye designed beads but always puts this disclaimer on these items. ” I make no claims of this as an object of good fortune, it’s just eye-catching and pretty to wear! ”

No argument here Cathy…eye-catching and pretty indeed…

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One Response to “Evil Eyes in Circles”

  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you Angie for taking the time to include my work on this very cool site!

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