Evil Eye in a Fabric Swirl

Evil Eye Bead

Combination of evil eye beads with other beads or even with any textile can bring out some terrific results. Nurgul Ozcar, the artist behind BizimSupplies which rougly translates to Our Supplies, knows this very well.

Nurgul mainly works with textiles forming different shape and textured flower designs. She is able to make these stand out even more by adding details like charms and beads. As you can see in the piece on the picture, some of these pieces feature traditional evil eye beads. The evil eye beads not only add to the beauty of the creation but it also makes the fabric come alive in color as well as texture.

Nurgul creates these pieces as a hobby/part time job as she already has a full time job as well as the responsibilities of being a parent. As someone who finds evil eye beads simply ‘cute’,  she has begun using the beads in her work. BizimSupplies shipments all go out with an evil eye pin just as a gesture as well as to send along good wishes and luck  for the valued customer.  As a Turk, Nurgul also feels that sending an evil eye pin enables her to share a part of her culture and heritage with her customers. She currently sells her items at etsy and also has a blog featuring her work as well as other topics.

Check out her blog and follow her tweeter account as well. We will definitely visit Nurgul again soon as this article has reminded her that she does not use evil eye beads enough in her work and will look to create more pieces featuring the evil eye soon.

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