Red String Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Kabbalah and the evil eye charm are used in a wide range of evil eye jewelry creations. The similarity of the belief as well as the common natural background and heritage makes the pieces almost flow from one culture to the other.

Harika, a Turkish artist who now lives in New Jersey, creates a wide range of these evil eye jewelry pieces. Harika started doing these pieces as a business from home once she became a parent to her daughter who is now 6. Harika and her husband are now expecting a new member to the family in December 2010 and being a stay at home parent has enabled her to spend more time in doing something she loves.

The NazMaya store’s logo says it all about the effect of the evil eye beads in her work.

Harika has a store at etsy that features her work with evil eye beads. Even though she started working with mainly red string Kabbalah bracelets, she has found that the addition of evil eye beads to her work not only adds a piece of her background and culture to the pieces but also enables her to create more colorful and unique pieces especially in some of the custom design work she does.

Her view on her work and creations is best summed up by this quote ”¬†Knowing you taking your time to visit my site makes me cherish each day and it makes me working hard to make sure my customers smile not only when they receive their package, but every time they wear a piece.”

It is hard to improve on that statement so we won’t even try. We will definitely check back with Harika soon to find out what else she has in store for us.

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