Evil Eye Trick or Treat

Halloween Evil Eye Set

Halloween is almost here and orange-black is everywhere. Add evil eye jewelry to the list of things that help you celebrate Halloween and all it brings.

Jeyla Jewelry introduced their Halloween special a few weeks ago featuring an evil eye bracelet with orange and black evil eye beads with a matching set of earrings, all for $14.99. 

” It has been overwhelming” Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry says. ” We created the set due to the requests of some of our customers and apparently they were not the only ones interested in them. ”

With the success of the Halloween set, it is a pretty safe bet to assume that Christmas themed evil eye jewelry is next on the website’s plans. Some evil eye believers do not approve of the color adjustments or in some ways, the ‘fashion’ side of evil eye jewelry. Evil eye jewelry has evolved over the years and in many ways, has gotten away from the traditional blue look.

We asked Angie if she also received negative reaction regarding the sets. ” To some evil eye tradionists, blue evil eye is the only way to go. This does not mean they are against different colored evil eye beads or against evil eye jewelry that is not the norm. We have always had great success with our themed evil eye jewelry from our patriotic evil eye bracelets in the USA to Halloween or Christmas themed evil eye jewelry pieces. I think all people care about is how it looks or more importantly if it works.”

Sounds like the evil eye jewelry selection on www.jeyla.com is going to get a heavy dose of green and red.

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