Don’t have to create to share

We normally reserve this side of our blog to those who create evil eye jewelry through the use of evil eye beads and share their creations with you. We recently had the following submitted by Ozkan who has several items on his etsy page himself.

Ozkan does not do evil eye jewelry himself but we feel strongly that his words had to be heard and would mean a lot to those who believe in the power and beauty of the evil eye.

“The oven, with a mixture of fire and smoke from thousands evil eyes .. Blue eyes for thousands of years of history, the new owners and all the world’s eyes, you may experience facing a very visible …

Turkey is really an evil eye bead paradise. A stranger … Secret eyes, constantly monitored to give a sense there are so many evil eyes. Beads decorate the item, or an evil eye bead shop is ornamental. Different shapes and designs come together, allows for a very different shape.

I do not do evil eyes. However, various combinations of masters incredible creations. Figures are interesting and different combinations so that they created. Evil eye bead and gift items with figures forward to many countries around the world, the positive power of blue eyes, beyond the understanding of religious beliefs, all I want to share with people.”

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