The Amazing Designs for the Evil Eye Pendant

As the popularity of the evil eye grows so do the number of designs available for these beautiful pendants. If you are searching for a small evil eye pendant to add to a charm bracelet or a larger pendant to add to a necklace, you will find hundreds of designs, colors and materials to choose from.

You will find the widest variety of charms made with sterling silver.  The most common will be the traditional glass evil eyes with a small rim of sterling silver around the outside. These are available in a large array of colors as well as sizes.

We now also have the growing number of designs from craftsmen who have added their own creativity to the evil eye pendant. Through the use of different molds ranging from the simple round eye to the more extravagant turtle with the moving head we are seeing more possibilites for the future. The newest creation is a sterling silver evil eye pendant made by using several colors of small crystals arranged into the shape of an evil eye.  They are definately the most beautiful of the evil eye pendants.

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