Gold Evil Eye Jewelry

14 Gold Evil Eye Charm

Evil eye gold jewelry is very much in demand in the evil eye craze these days. Gold jewelry has always been a staple in the jewelry industry. There are sterling silver and Swarovski studded evil eye jewelry around, but why exactly should you take the golden road?

Gold evil eye jewelry is as timeless as the very belief in the concept of the evil eye. The gold look is classic and timeless; it never goes out of style. Gold is also not prone to discoloration, so most gold jewelry lasts a long time. Gold can also be easily shaped in various shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find some really beautifully designed gold jewelry. And aside from its plus in aesthetics, gold evil eye jewelry is also friendly to most users. Gold does not easily tarnish because it does not react with most other elements which is also why it is now known as a source of any allergies.

For evil eye gold jewelry, your best choice would be 14k gold. Evil eye gold should be hard and durable since you naturally have to wear your lucky charm all the time and for a long time. 14k gold is just right for this purpose.

14k gold for your evil eye gold is gold that contains 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of other metals. In total, it is 58.3% pure gold. In most, if not all, cases, the other metals used are harder than pure gold. So since 14k gold has a higher percentage of other metals than 18k gold and the other metals are often much harder than pure gold, 14k gold evil eye jewelry tends to be harder than 18k or pure 24k gold jewelry. 14k gold evil eye jewelry also tends to last longer and resist tarnishes and scratches. So if you want your gold evil eye bracelet to last long, go with 14k gold.

Gold also comes in different colors such as yellow gold and white gold, so you can choose the type that you like best. You can select from various evil eye gold bracelets that use evil eye beads of different colors, or even multi-colored beads. There are also a lot of evil eye charms encased in gold that you can attach to a necklace chain. A wide selection of evil eye gold jewelry is available to you, so you can enjoy making your choice. This way, you don’t just get a bracelet that can protect you from the evil eye but also get a bracelet that expresses your personal style.

If you are looking for an evil eye protective bracelet or any other type of jewelry, make sure to get one that will last long and one that suits your personal taste. For this purpose, the durability and timelessness of gold jewelry will take you a long way. And since gold is popular in the jewelry industry, it won’t be hard for you to find an evil eye bracelet or necklace with a beautiful design and a style that expresses your personal taste.

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