Evil Eye Bracelets – A shopping guide

Red Evil Eye Bracelet

A simple search of the keyword ‘evil eye bracelet’ on google reveals over 11 million results on. The large number is mainly due to the wide variety of these bracelets as well as the different levels of quality they are made in. One must be careful in choosing one as low price does not always equate to quality and there are specific aspects to look for if you want the best value.

 What should you look for in an evil eye bracelet? I guess the answer to the question depends on what you are looking for. If what you are looking for is quality, read on as there are several key things to look at.

 First off, you need to look at the material used on the evil eye bracelet. Majority of the evil eye bracelets available on the internet are either zinc plated or sterling silver along with a small selection of gold evil eye bracelets. If you are looking to get any long-term use of the bracelet, ignore anything less than sterling silver bracelets. Almost all zinc coated bracelets are of poor quality and will tarnish drastically or even rust within a few weeks. They are extremely cheap for a reason. Most quality evil eye stores do not even carry them if they value customer satisfaction and repeat business. Gold evil eye bracelets are almost exclusively 14K gold as anything higher is usually too soft to work with when it comes to this type of evil eye bracelets. 

Once you decided between a sterling silver and gold evil eye bracelet, your next step is to examine the main part of your bracelet, the evil eye itself. Some of the less expensive evil eye bracelets feature poor quality glass eyes which can result in a poor appearance as well as discomfort when wearing them as the bracelet is not evenly balanced therefore will not sit right on your wrist. Only a few companies boast using quality glass and proud to show off their items with close-ups on their websites. The key aspect to look for in the glass eyes is consistency, in other words, are all the glass eyes alike. They will not be exact duplicates but size as well as the roundness must be very similar to produce a high quality bracelet. 

Next thing to inspect is the quality of the links used on the bracelet and the clasp itself. Do not buy an evil eye bracelet that does not have a lobster clasp as other styles of clasps tend to break a lot easier and lobster clasps are proven to last longer. The links on the bracelet are also important since you want it to sit evenly without the possibility of snapping between the glass beads during daily activity.

There are several websites on the internet that sell these bracelets. The tips given to you above will not narrow down the 11 million choices you have down to one, but will enable to eliminate a huge majority of them. For examples of higher quality evil eye bracelets and other forms of evil eye jewelry, visit a website that specializes in the items you are looking for  and not one that sells some for the sake of variety.

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