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Evil Eye Money Clip

When luck or misfortune strikes, it is not very picky on the victim. In some cultures, misfortunes are sometimes attributed to the concept of evil eye. The evil eye is a glaring, malicious look a person gives to another person; it is often given in envy or anger. Some cultures, especially in folklore, treat it like a silent curse, which means anyone who receives it will be inflicted by misfortunes soon after.

The evil eye is now a commonly known concept, and several cultures and religions have found ways to counter the effects of the eye. Some protect against it through prayers, some through rituals. But one of the most common ways of guarding against the evil eye is the use of amulets or, in more modern terms, lucky eye charms. Whether it be a unique jewelry piece or just an accessory that we use in our daily lives, it is crucial to use a form of counteracting the force of the eye.

Lucky charms come in various forms as well as designs. Some people use charms or amulets that can be placed somewhere inside the house so that the entire household will be safe from the silent curse. You also see these charms hanging off of our valuable possessions like a car or a boat. Some use keychains that they attach to their bags or pins that they put on their clothes. Some of the best charms, however, come in the form of evil eye jewelry. It enables you to protect yourself from the ill effects of the eye without the additional accessory as we all know that men are not too big on the concept of ‘accessorizing’ 

Evil eye jewelry is very common among women, but the eye can affect anybody. This is where jewelry with the evil eye for men comes in. Jewelry for men are different from jewelry for women. They require different material to create different looks. Men tend to go for simpler styles; most jewelry for men also tend to be thicker, harder, and edgier compared to the delicate looks of jewelry for women. But men can also use evil eye jewelry to protect themselves from the harm of the evil eye in the way that they prefer. There are special eye jewelry for men in styles and designs that men will go for. You can find such jewelry at certain online sellers and you can choose from various materials and designs.

To give you an idea of what you will find on the market, there are sterling silver or 14k gold jewelry pieces that can give protection from the eye. Evil eye for men does not include just bracelets, so if you’re not big on jewelry, you can use charms that you can incorporate into your usual outfit or your daily lifestyle. There are cuff links, key rings, money clips, tie clips, and pins. These all come in various styles and are usually quite affordable. Just visit websites that specialize in evil eye jewelry and you will surely see selections of evil eye for men. Perhaps the biggest advantage of having the eye on our regular daily accessories makes it easier for men to serve their belief or superstition without having to make a huge statement about it. When one wears a bracelet or a charm, it is intended to create attention and many times invokes the question of what it is, where it is form etc. Having the eye on a simple money clip or as cufflinks can serve the purpose without getting huge attention. Then again, these topics always make good ice-breaker conversation in any social setting. We all love superstitions and the appealing look of the lucky eye can catch the eye of anyone – no pun intended.

This kind of lucky eye jewelry for men also makes great gifts. Instead of giving just a simple money clip, why don’t you give an evil eye money clip instead? This way, the gift is more meaningful. He can use it for his money, but it can also protect him from the dangers of the eye.

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