An Age-Old Craft: Evil Eye Jewelry Making

Evil Eye Jewelry : Evil Eye Bracelet

The evil eye jewelry making business is a flourishing one. In the past and up until now, the trade involving evil eye jewelry and the evil eye beads that are used to make them have been and have remained quite lively. The art of evil eye jewelry making can be traced back to the ancient Romans, which started the trend of using jewelries with the protective eye to guard them against the curse brought by the evil eye. The art of evil eye beads, however, is attributed mostly to countries like Greece and Turkey.

Evil eye beads can be found everywhere in Turkey, where it is called nazar or Blue Glass Nazar Boncugu. In fact, anywhere you go in Turkey, you will most likely find an evil eye bead looking at you and seemingly watching over you. Turkish evil eye beads are of great quality; in Turkey, the production of an evil eye bead is a 3000-year-old antique Mediterranean craft that some people in Turkey even endeavor to master. Also, in Turkey, the creation of an evil eye bead is even considered as a tradition. Turkish makers of evil eye beads and evil eye jewelry are called masters of the evil eye art and the skill is usually passed on from the older generation to the younger ones.

Evil eye beads are often also called glass evil eyes because they are made of glass. They are very attractive and since they protect from the effects of the evil eye, they tend to be comforting. This is why the world of evil eye jewelry making is very much alive. Various evil eye beads are widely used in evil eye jewelry making. The beads are used to make evil eye bracelets, evil eye necklaces, evil eye anklets, and several other forms of evil eye jewelry. Instead of using evil eye talismans that you can hang on your bags or on your doors, you can use evil eye jewelry with attractive and beautifully crafted evil eye beads. The evil eye is also used to create various gift items that can be given to loved ones and friends as gifts of protection and goodwill.

In the art of evil eye jewelry making, it’s either an evil eye bead is used as the central point of a jewelry, or several evil eye beads make up the jewelry itself.

Evil eye jewelry, however, has also evolved through the years. In the past, protective charms mostly came in bracelets and necklaces. Now, there are sterling silver and 14k gold bracelets and necklaces, Swarovski bracelets and necklaces, and a full range of other jewelry for both men and women. Now, there are cuff links and money clips with an evil eye bead embedded on the surface. Even kids get colorful bracelets with colorful evil eye beads as well.

The evil eye beads also come in various styles nowadays. There are traditional eye beads, eye beads in various colors, 8mm eye beads, 12mm eye beads, 8x13mm eye beads, and Lampwork eye beads, among many others. If you are interested in dabbling in a bit of evil eye jewelry making, you can buy your preferred types and colors of evil eye beads from trusted sellers online.

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