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Evil eye as a term can mean different things depending on the person and more importantly their cultural background. The popularity of the concept and its effect on different cultures has spilled over to the business world by being futured in business names as well as their logos. Evileye.org is proud to present some of these businesses and publish their stories behind the name.

Our first business is EVIL EYE GRAPHICS, founded by Garth Horsfield.  Garth is an artist and an illustrator above and beyond a simple designer, and is more likely to embrace a variety of techniques to satisfy his clients which is why he deliberately chose a fairly provocative logo along with a well-known phrase that ties in cheekily with his trade insofar as it is a visual discipline. 

We asked Garth the story behind the name of his company and here is his answer with his own words

“I chose the name “Evil Eye Graphics” primarily because as an illustrator and designer of gothic art and clothing, I wanted to distinguish my business from the more commercial design businesses in my home town.  I felt that the phrase, while being slightly confronting on one level, had the potential to suggest a more non-conservative approach.  This also encouraged the use of an eye in my logo, which ties in with the idea of design being a visual craft.  I was of the opinion that the actual sign of the evil eye may be of superstitious significance to some, but as an expression has passed into common consciousness enough for me to use it without necessarily being offensive to conservatives.  Additionally I was inclined to give my logo a cartoonish quality so as to emphasize the non-serious nature of my intent.  Ultimately there is only a play on words in use, and no real attempt to align my business with mystical or historical facts, though the origins of superstitions are of interest to me personally.

You can check out Evil Eye Graphics @ http://www.evileye.com.au . The company offers a wide range of services and has a very impressive portfolio. Visit the company’s site to take a look at some of their past work as well as more information on pricing,special offers etc.

If you would like to have your business featured on www.evileye.org, please send your information to us and we will feature your business in a future article.

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