Giftbox for Christmas

Evil Eye in the last minute

As we get closer and closer to the end of the holiday season, most of us are still scrambling for last minute gifts. Time is running out and finding a meaningful gift is becoming more challenging as you wrestle other procrastinators in the mall.

There is a much easier way with a simple visit to . With the availability of express shipping as well as advanced UPS shipping options, you still have plenty of time to buy the loved ones in your life a gift that will have some meaning as well as beauty.

A simple piece of evil eye jewelry or even specialized evil eye gifts for men as well as kids, the website offers a wide range of options you can choose from and with the availability of several gift wrapping options and speedy shipping, your last second panic can be a calm and fun shopping experience as you sip on a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Evil Eye Watch

Evil Eye Watches: A new gift concept

The holidays can be a very stressful time of the year. Organizing or planning for family get togethers, traveling and with the most stressful part being shopping for gifts. The challenge of shopping for the same people repeatedly and trying to find a unique item every year can be extremely difficult.

Retailers and manufacturers try to create new trends and themes and sometimes the customers create their own trend by going after items that are not very common in stores.

One of this year’s popular items have been the evil eye watches that are exclusively available @ JEYLA. The website of evil eye jewelry carries a wide range of these watches and more importantly can create unique pieces for their customers. The pictured evil eye bracelet is one of these customized pieces, created to match an existing set of jewelry available on the site.

Aside from the many designs that are readily available, the ability to have your own customized evil eye jewelry pieces guarantees that there won’t be a matching or similar gift under the tree and you are sure to get a genuine “Wow!” when the gift is opened.

Evil Eye Gifts

Evil Eye Shopping

The protection received from an evil eye amulet gives can be the best gift to give this season. Whether the person receiving the gift is a believer in the evil eye concept or not is irrelevant as the evil eye has taken many looks that also provide functionality or just a unique fashion look. will be looking at ways to pass on the protection of the evil eye through meaningful gifts this season. Evil eye gift options are now more than ever and there are several great deals to be had. Regardless of the budget limit you have for these gifts, there are great evil eye gift ideas that will not only give you the piece of mind but also make you the hero of this holiday season.

Throughout the next two weeks, we will be taking a look at different options you have based on the person you will be shopping for. We will start with taking a look at some of the top evil eye gift sellers from last year. JEYLA, The evil eye store, has been kind enough to provide us with the information on what the most popular gifts were last holiday season and some might surprise you!!!

  •  Evil Eye Jewelry Sets: Designed and budgeted at many different levels, evil eye jewelry sets get the job done in many ways. Some might wear it as sets or just use the pendant to match an outfit. Regardless of how they are utilized, the sets make a perfect gift. JEYLA has extended its selection of jewelry sets with the addition of crystal evil eye jewelry sets like this one. The site also now offers unique pieces that already come in a beautiful gift box which makes gift shopping even easier on your end
  • Rope Bracelets: “This is definitely a great budget choice” says Angela Uras of JEYLA Jewelry. “If you have several youngsters to buy for or just need simple and affordable gifts, these rope bracelets are a no-brainer.” In fact, most of the rope bracelets were bought in multiples last holiday season as these bracelets can make a great and easy gift idea. They are easy to wear, go with anything and most importantly… even teenagers who are the hardest to please, love them!!!
  • Evil Eye Tie and Money Clips: We all know that one stop shopping is more important than ever. While you are getting gifts for all the people on your list, you can also shop for the men on your list with JEYLA for Men collection at
  • Evil Eye Charms and Bracelets: The easiest and most popular gifts are charms and bracelets as they offer the most variety and at times can make the simplest gift. Browse through the huge selection of evil eye pendants at JEYLA and you are sure to find one that the person on your list will love whether it is because the pendant is in their favorite color or simply because it features an evil eye turtle, the animal they love.

Check out our blog through the next two weeks where we will cover gift options for everyone on your list…first up… shopping for the little ones in your life!!

Halloween Evil Eye Set

Evil Eye Trick or Treat

Halloween is almost here and orange-black is everywhere. Add evil eye jewelry to the list of things that help you celebrate Halloween and all it brings.

Jeyla Jewelry introduced their Halloween special a few weeks ago featuring an evil eye bracelet with orange and black evil eye beads with a matching set of earrings, all for $14.99. 

” It has been overwhelming” Angie Uras of JEYLA Jewelry says. ” We created the set due to the requests of some of our customers and apparently they were not the only ones interested in them. ”

With the success of the Halloween set, it is a pretty safe bet to assume that Christmas themed evil eye jewelry is next on the website’s plans. Some evil eye believers do not approve of the color adjustments or in some ways, the ‘fashion’ side of evil eye jewelry. Evil eye jewelry has evolved over the years and in many ways, has gotten away from the traditional blue look.

We asked Angie if she also received negative reaction regarding the sets. ” To some evil eye tradionists, blue evil eye is the only way to go. This does not mean they are against different colored evil eye beads or against evil eye jewelry that is not the norm. We have always had great success with our themed evil eye jewelry from our patriotic evil eye bracelets in the USA to Halloween or Christmas themed evil eye jewelry pieces. I think all people care about is how it looks or more importantly if it works.”

Sounds like the evil eye jewelry selection on is going to get a heavy dose of green and red.

The new JEYLA is here

Jeyla has always been a step ahead of the competition when it comes to online evil eye stores. From its presentation to the professional customer service it provides, the website has always been top notch but it is now better than ever.

Jeyla released its new look website a few days ago and it is already getting rave reviews. From crystal clear close-ups of its beautiful evil eye jewelry to improved shipping and giftwrap options, JEYLA has really set itself apart from the competition.

Angie Uras, sales and marketing manager of JEYLA, says that they have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new look. ” The new features are a compilation of what our customers wanted from us. From adding UPS to shipping options to providing the ability to use google checkout, we have implemented all the requests we have received over the last 3-4 years of our most recent web design.

What is new @ Jeyla?

  • Over 200 new items with new exclusives such as Pandora bracelets, crystal evil eye charms and more
  • Ability to calculate shipping before checkout 
  • The website  has now added UPS as a shipping method along with the US Postal Service
  • Jeyla accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. They now added Google Checkout
  • Live help via Online Chat
  • Expanded gift wrapping options enables you to choose from several giftwrap options
  • Customize your evil eye jewelry and create an evil eye bracelet with the color combination of your choice!
  • A new blog with evil eye shopping tips as well as information about the evil eye

Check out the new look of the website @ . Jeyla has been selling evil eye jewelry online for over 10 years but the latest layout and selection shows that the website is determined to stay well ahead of the competition when it comes to selection and pricing

Evil Eye

Red String Evil Eye

Kabbalah and the evil eye charm are used in a wide range of evil eye jewelry creations. The similarity of the belief as well as the common natural background and heritage makes the pieces almost flow from one culture to the other.

Harika, a Turkish artist who now lives in New Jersey, creates a wide range of these evil eye jewelry pieces. Harika started doing these pieces as a business from home once she became a parent to her daughter who is now 6. Harika and her husband are now expecting a new member to the family in December 2010 and being a stay at home parent has enabled her to spend more time in doing something she loves.

The NazMaya store’s logo says it all about the effect of the evil eye beads in her work.

Harika has a store at etsy that features her work with evil eye beads. Even though she started working with mainly red string Kabbalah bracelets, she has found that the addition of evil eye beads to her work not only adds a piece of her background and culture to the pieces but also enables her to create more colorful and unique pieces especially in some of the custom design work she does.

Her view on her work and creations is best summed up by this quote ” Knowing you taking your time to visit my site makes me cherish each day and it makes me working hard to make sure my customers smile not only when they receive their package, but every time they wear a piece.”

It is hard to improve on that statement so we won’t even try. We will definitely check back with Harika soon to find out what else she has in store for us.

Evil Eye Bead

Evil Eye in a Fabric Swirl

Combination of evil eye beads with other beads or even with any textile can bring out some terrific results. Nurgul Ozcar, the artist behind BizimSupplies which rougly translates to Our Supplies, knows this very well.

Nurgul mainly works with textiles forming different shape and textured flower designs. She is able to make these stand out even more by adding details like charms and beads. As you can see in the piece on the picture, some of these pieces feature traditional evil eye beads. The evil eye beads not only add to the beauty of the creation but it also makes the fabric come alive in color as well as texture.

Nurgul creates these pieces as a hobby/part time job as she already has a full time job as well as the responsibilities of being a parent. As someone who finds evil eye beads simply ‘cute’,  she has begun using the beads in her work. BizimSupplies shipments all go out with an evil eye pin just as a gesture as well as to send along good wishes and luck  for the valued customer.  As a Turk, Nurgul also feels that sending an evil eye pin enables her to share a part of her culture and heritage with her customers. She currently sells her items at etsy and also has a blog featuring her work as well as other topics.

Check out her blog and follow her tweeter account as well. We will definitely visit Nurgul again soon as this article has reminded her that she does not use evil eye beads enough in her work and will look to create more pieces featuring the evil eye soon.

Evil Eye Pendant

Evil Eyes in Circles

Cathy is the creator behind Pink Glass Palace. Her work is pretty unique in the way the items are made but it definitely produces some beautiful results. We will let Cathy explain her creation process.

“I don’t do bead work, so my pieces are made of circles that I cut. This is more difficult than it sounds because glass likes to be cut in a line, circles are unnatural. I work up a sweat trying to make circles! I then take a batch of circles with a variety of sizes and colors and assemble them in layers inside my kiln. I fire it up and about 24 hours later can take a look at how the layers of melted. Many times I’m surprised at the size or how the colors bended. Most of the time I’m excited about the end result.”

Cathy is not the only one excited about the end result, that is for sure. She does not do only evil eye jewelry pieces but of course those were the ones that caught our eye the most and the ones we wanted to share with readers. You can find her entire collection on her etsy page.

Cathy does make other evil eye designed beads but always puts this disclaimer on these items. ” I make no claims of this as an object of good fortune, it’s just eye-catching and pretty to wear! ”

No argument here Cathy…eye-catching and pretty indeed…

Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil Eye Bracelets from Eva RosenCutter

Today’s evil eye jewelry artist is Eva Rosencutter. Eva was introduced to the concept of the evil eye through a friend she calls “very Greek”. Eva inquired about the blue glass evil eye hanging on the door of her friend’s house and once she was explained the concept of the evil eye, she was hooked. Welcome aboard Eva!!!

Eva’s first bracelet was given to her by her Greek friend but it soon started a series of evil eye bracelets that Eva made herself.

“I started making other bracelets to wear with my original and thought I should make some for others. My favorites are the bracelets with the hand painted evil eye beads from Turkey. I like to experiment with different beads and I am learning other jewelry techniques to expand my inventory to items other than bracelets. ”

You can see her current selection of evil eye jewelry at her Etsy page. Eva says once she had the evil eye bracelet that her friend gave her “A calmness has come over me and I no longer worry about what others might be thinking when they look my way. I believe that the mati (evil eye) deflects the negativity of others and no harm can come from protecting yourself.”

We are looking to see Eva’s future work and will definitely follow up with her to see her new items in the future. Her approach to evil eye jewelry is one that many of us share where its presence can give us peace of mind and relax us as no other piece of jewelry can.

Research Results

Who believes in the Evil Eye?

According to a study posted by PewResearchCenter, 16% of Americans believe in the evil eye or the fact that certain people can cause bad things happen to others by unexplained powers they possess.

Is this an accurate number? Even though this is a result of a smaller research(sampling of 2000 people), the numbers seem to be a lot lower than what is encountered in real life. The research is not specific on how the results were reached and if people were simply asked if they believe in the evil eye. As with any superstitious belief or at least one that is considered to be one, the belief in the evil eye is sometimes not revealed by many.

Weigh in with your estimation of the percentage of people who believe in the evil eye, lucky eye or the overall belief that a look given by a person can cause ill effects on others. Do you think 16% is accurate?

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