Evil Eye Bracelet by Aya

Dance along with the Evil Eye

Aya, a professional belly dancer who is originally from Istanbul, Turkey is our latest jewelry artist featured in Your Creations section.

Aya started making jewelry only because she could not find exactly what she was looking for but after receiving a lot of compliments and with the encouragement of friends, she decided to sell some of her work. The beauty of Aya’s work seems to derive from her overall concept of what jewelry should be.

“I love jewelry that adds to the beauty of the wearer, not just jewelry that’s beautiful on its own. In other words, it should look even more beautiful on the person wearing it than it does in the display case.” Aya says and who can disagree with such a perfect description.

“I love using rich colors and combining them. Also, I tend to use a lot of Turkish evil eye charms. I like adding them into my jewelry because they are considered good luck (they are made to look like eyes to reflect back the negative looks of those who wish ill upon you). I mean even if you’re not superstitious, you have to admit that they are a great design element! “. Aya is preaching to the choire. Many of our posts on this blog state this over and over again and our evil eye jewelry artist in Atlanta explains it perfectly.

Some of us wear evil eye jewelry for what it represents and use it as evil eye protection. For others, it is simply a different and appealing look. What makes evil eye beads so effective is the fact that they can blend into either role and display a unique style of beauty.

If you are in the Atlanta area, you are in luck. Not only can you see some of Aya’s work but also get to see display her skills in belly dancing, an art form she does professionally. Aya even gives belly dancing lessons and if we should be so lucky, maybe she can show us some of her evil eye jewelry secrets as well.  You can see more of Aya’s work and purchase them from her etsy page.

To find out more about her work, you can also follow her blog at

http://bellydanceprincess.blogspot.com/ .

Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Jewelry by ArdorFire

 Evil Eye.org has continues to share your creative work with others. Today we are taking a look at some of the work of Ardor Fire who primarily offers her work on www.etsy.com. As we do on most of our Your Evil Eye Creations articles, we will let the artist explain their own work.   

“I am a handmade jewellery designer inspired by living in the middle east for the earlier part of my life. Grew up in Israel and went to art school in Jerusalem. 

I love collecting hard to find interesting materials to create my unique designs inspired by Morocco, desert tribes and the Mediterranen lifestyle. And like combining pieces from each culture in the middle east, and do not believe in cultural borders for my designs.
I work intuitively with my materials and love putting unexpected pieces together.
I use evil eyes in my designs as it was part of life in the middle east. I am attracted to the culture the evil eye is part of. ”

Ardorfire uses glass evil eye beads to complement her jewelry and creates unique pieces that look simply gorgeous. You can see and purchase some of our work on her etsy page where she has over 100 items available. Not all her work features evil eye beads but they do have a similar elegant look to them. 

ArdorFire’s work shows that an addition of a simple glass evil eye bead can add a lot to any jewelry piece not only by adding meaning to it but by bringing an extra element to the entire piece.

The number of artists interested in sharing their work with our blog followers is increasing so rapidly that we pretty much have a line of bead enthusiast itching to showcase their evil eye jewelry pieces with our readers. We will continue to add a new artist every few days and if you are interested in submitting an article of your own, do not let the line discourage you. Send an email to us and we will get your article posted on our blog as well. Afterall, our goal is to underline the effect of the evil eye culture in many aspects from our arts and crafts to daily lifestyles.


"Stink Eyes"

Evil Eye to Stink Eye

Our blogs first original creation belongs to Kim Miles. Kim calls these beads with the custom evil eyes on them ‘stink eyes’. Below is from Kim’s blog

“Evil Eye beads have been around for ages. I didn’t make them up, but this week I really feel like making them. It all started with the dogs… When little Sarafina got hurt one day, on our watch, I felt like I wanted to do something more to protect her, and the rest of the pack. OK, maybe it’s silly, but then we all know I’m a firm believer in silliness. After making beads for all the dogs, I still hadn’t had enough of the eye theme, so I made a bunch for people too. I’ll put them up in my BeadShop in a couple of days. ”

The beadshop that Kim refers to is on her beautiful site www.kimmiles.com . The website also has links to Kim’s blog where you can keep tabs on her most recent work. Kim has been making beads since 1996 and her work has been featured in several magazines such as Lapidary Journal, Bead & Button Magazine, Beadwork Magazine as well as others.  Visit Kim’s site for more of her work some of which is also available for sale on her website.

Kim’s name for the evil eye beads is what we found the most interesting as well as amusing. As Kim says ” I think the name is going to stick. What could be better than giving those pesky old Evil Spirits the Stink Eye? Ha! Take that! ”  You tell’em Kim!!!

If you would like to have your work featured on our blog, please email us your info as well as samples of your work. We would love to share your creations.

Evil Eye Graphics logo

Evil Eye Graphics

Evil eye as a term can mean different things depending on the person and more importantly their cultural background. The popularity of the concept and its effect on different cultures has spilled over to the business world by being futured in business names as well as their logos. Evileye.org is proud to present some of these businesses and publish their stories behind the name.

Our first business is EVIL EYE GRAPHICS, founded by Garth Horsfield.  Garth is an artist and an illustrator above and beyond a simple designer, and is more likely to embrace a variety of techniques to satisfy his clients which is why he deliberately chose a fairly provocative logo along with a well-known phrase that ties in cheekily with his trade insofar as it is a visual discipline. 

We asked Garth the story behind the name of his company and here is his answer with his own words

“I chose the name “Evil Eye Graphics” primarily because as an illustrator and designer of gothic art and clothing, I wanted to distinguish my business from the more commercial design businesses in my home town.  I felt that the phrase, while being slightly confronting on one level, had the potential to suggest a more non-conservative approach.  This also encouraged the use of an eye in my logo, which ties in with the idea of design being a visual craft.  I was of the opinion that the actual sign of the evil eye may be of superstitious significance to some, but as an expression has passed into common consciousness enough for me to use it without necessarily being offensive to conservatives.  Additionally I was inclined to give my logo a cartoonish quality so as to emphasize the non-serious nature of my intent.  Ultimately there is only a play on words in use, and no real attempt to align my business with mystical or historical facts, though the origins of superstitions are of interest to me personally.

You can check out Evil Eye Graphics @ http://www.evileye.com.au . The company offers a wide range of services and has a very impressive portfolio. Visit the company’s site to take a look at some of their past work as well as more information on pricing,special offers etc.

If you would like to have your business featured on www.evileye.org, please send your information to us and we will feature your business in a future article.

Evil Eye

Evil Eye and Envy

According to Fr. George R.A. Aquaro’s book “Death by Envy”, nearly 75% of the world’s population has some kind of belief in the Evil Eye. Aquaro also states that even though some might argue against this figure, everyone will agree that the belief in the Evil Eye is both wide-spread and ancient.


Evil Eye is a belief that a person’s eye can cause harm when he or she looks at an object/person and the cause of the damage is usually because of the envy that is felt. The impact of the harm can vary from minor illness to destruction even including death. Most of the damage is caused in involuntary just like the feeling of envy itself. We feel jealous of certain people or their belongings through a feeling that is beyond our control. The Evil Eye belief is that this uncontrollable feeling of jealousy is the cause of the impact of evil eye. Different cultures have varying opinions on the type of person who can possess the evil eye. These can be physical features such as having blue eyes or simply being an outsider due to other reasons.


The Webster dictionary describes envy as “painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage”. The “advantage” that the description refers to can be anything from a simple possession such as a nice house to a feeling the other person has such as love or admiration. The feeling of envy usually is accompanied with resentment and being discontent.


The word ‘envy’ itself is indeed linked to the Evil Eye. The Latin word invidia, from which envy derives, consists of the verb videre, “to see” and the prefix in, meaning “against” as well as negation. Even in German, the casting of the evil eye is usually called verneiden, which is an emphatic dialect from the verb neiden which means  “to envy”.


The believers in the power of the Evil Eye also acknowledge that the bearer of the Evil Eye might not even be aware of the power they have and its consequences. As we all try to protect ourselves from the ill effects of the evil eye, it is important to see the relation of the evil eye and the feelings of envy others can experience as we all do want and work after belongings or prizes that can cause feelings of envy and jealousy by others. In fact, some of us go after these prizes in search of the impact it will have on others more than the rewards that we will get on a personal level. As we try to earn the admiration of others, it is crucial to know and understand that with admiration, there are always feelings of envy as they are a very important part of human nature, just like the Evil Eye and its power.

Glass Evil Eye Bead

Evil Eye Beads – The Story Behind the Art

Evil eye beads are simply artistic glass beads with what looks like an eye painted on them. These are beads used to ward off the malice and curse that comes when someone shots an evil eye. The design of the bead might sound simple but the art behind creating a variety of these beads and creating results that are unique and of value is what differentiates an ordinary beadmaker from one that is an artist.

Evil eye beads come in many different variations. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are often made of glass, but in some cases, other materials are also used. The most common evil eye beads are color blue, green, or turquoise, though in ancient traditional belief in the evil eye, the color of the protective charm is blue. This is related to the blue color of fresh and cool water, which is not abundant and is therefore very precious to the culture of Italy,Greece and Turkey. 

You will, however, also see a lot of red evil eye beads. These beads are more commonly used by the Jewish believers of the evil eye because for the Jewish religion, red is considered the color of good luck and good fortune. As evil eye jewelry further develops, evil eye beads in various colors have entered the evil eye jewelry market creating unique pieces that can match any fashion look.

 The use of the evil eye beads can be traced back to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, where the concept of the evil eye is most common and is strongest.  The idea is that the eye stares right back at the world to keep evil spirits at bay and to protect the wearer. The eye beads are very common where almost every house, every car, and every building is decorated with the evil eye. Men, women, and children usually have them on in some fashion whether it is an evil eye jewelry such as an evil eye bracelet or just a simple pin attached to the shoulder of a newborn.

Evil eye beads can be used in different ways. More often than not, they are strung together to make bracelets or necklaces, or they are used as the main fixture in a bracelet or a necklace. Due to the widespread use of the beads, they are often known as ordinary good luck charms. However, the evil eye bead is not an ordinary charm that wards off good luck. The concept behind it is actually founded on decades of culture and tradition. You can read more about the history behind the evil eye bead throughout www.evileye.org .

Evil Eye Jewelry : Evil Eye Bracelet

An Age-Old Craft: Evil Eye Jewelry Making

The evil eye jewelry making business is a flourishing one. In the past and up until now, the trade involving evil eye jewelry and the evil eye beads that are used to make them have been and have remained quite lively. The art of evil eye jewelry making can be traced back to the ancient Romans, which started the trend of using jewelries with the protective eye to guard them against the curse brought by the evil eye. The art of evil eye beads, however, is attributed mostly to countries like Greece and Turkey.

Evil eye beads can be found everywhere in Turkey, where it is called nazar or Blue Glass Nazar Boncugu. In fact, anywhere you go in Turkey, you will most likely find an evil eye bead looking at you and seemingly watching over you. Turkish evil eye beads are of great quality; in Turkey, the production of an evil eye bead is a 3000-year-old antique Mediterranean craft that some people in Turkey even endeavor to master. Also, in Turkey, the creation of an evil eye bead is even considered as a tradition. Turkish makers of evil eye beads and evil eye jewelry are called masters of the evil eye art and the skill is usually passed on from the older generation to the younger ones.

Evil eye beads are often also called glass evil eyes because they are made of glass. They are very attractive and since they protect from the effects of the evil eye, they tend to be comforting. This is why the world of evil eye jewelry making is very much alive. Various evil eye beads are widely used in evil eye jewelry making. The beads are used to make evil eye bracelets, evil eye necklaces, evil eye anklets, and several other forms of evil eye jewelry. Instead of using evil eye talismans that you can hang on your bags or on your doors, you can use evil eye jewelry with attractive and beautifully crafted evil eye beads. The evil eye is also used to create various gift items that can be given to loved ones and friends as gifts of protection and goodwill.

In the art of evil eye jewelry making, it’s either an evil eye bead is used as the central point of a jewelry, or several evil eye beads make up the jewelry itself.

Evil eye jewelry, however, has also evolved through the years. In the past, protective charms mostly came in bracelets and necklaces. Now, there are sterling silver and 14k gold bracelets and necklaces, Swarovski bracelets and necklaces, and a full range of other jewelry for both men and women. Now, there are cuff links and money clips with an evil eye bead embedded on the surface. Even kids get colorful bracelets with colorful evil eye beads as well.

The evil eye beads also come in various styles nowadays. There are traditional eye beads, eye beads in various colors, 8mm eye beads, 12mm eye beads, 8x13mm eye beads, and Lampwork eye beads, among many others. If you are interested in dabbling in a bit of evil eye jewelry making, you can buy your preferred types and colors of evil eye beads from trusted sellers online.

Evil Eye Money Clip

Evil Eye for Men : Unique and thoughtful gifts

When luck or misfortune strikes, it is not very picky on the victim. In some cultures, misfortunes are sometimes attributed to the concept of evil eye. The evil eye is a glaring, malicious look a person gives to another person; it is often given in envy or anger. Some cultures, especially in folklore, treat it like a silent curse, which means anyone who receives it will be inflicted by misfortunes soon after.

The evil eye is now a commonly known concept, and several cultures and religions have found ways to counter the effects of the eye. Some protect against it through prayers, some through rituals. But one of the most common ways of guarding against the evil eye is the use of amulets or, in more modern terms, lucky eye charms. Whether it be a unique jewelry piece or just an accessory that we use in our daily lives, it is crucial to use a form of counteracting the force of the eye.

Lucky charms come in various forms as well as designs. Some people use charms or amulets that can be placed somewhere inside the house so that the entire household will be safe from the silent curse. You also see these charms hanging off of our valuable possessions like a car or a boat. Some use keychains that they attach to their bags or pins that they put on their clothes. Some of the best charms, however, come in the form of evil eye jewelry. It enables you to protect yourself from the ill effects of the eye without the additional accessory as we all know that men are not too big on the concept of ‘accessorizing’ 

Evil eye jewelry is very common among women, but the eye can affect anybody. This is where jewelry with the evil eye for men comes in. Jewelry for men are different from jewelry for women. They require different material to create different looks. Men tend to go for simpler styles; most jewelry for men also tend to be thicker, harder, and edgier compared to the delicate looks of jewelry for women. But men can also use evil eye jewelry to protect themselves from the harm of the evil eye in the way that they prefer. There are special eye jewelry for men in styles and designs that men will go for. You can find such jewelry at certain online sellers and you can choose from various materials and designs.

To give you an idea of what you will find on the market, there are sterling silver or 14k gold jewelry pieces that can give protection from the eye. Evil eye for men does not include just bracelets, so if you’re not big on jewelry, you can use charms that you can incorporate into your usual outfit or your daily lifestyle. There are cuff links, key rings, money clips, tie clips, and pins. These all come in various styles and are usually quite affordable. Just visit websites that specialize in evil eye jewelry and you will surely see selections of evil eye for men. Perhaps the biggest advantage of having the eye on our regular daily accessories makes it easier for men to serve their belief or superstition without having to make a huge statement about it. When one wears a bracelet or a charm, it is intended to create attention and many times invokes the question of what it is, where it is form etc. Having the eye on a simple money clip or as cufflinks can serve the purpose without getting huge attention. Then again, these topics always make good ice-breaker conversation in any social setting. We all love superstitions and the appealing look of the lucky eye can catch the eye of anyone – no pun intended.

This kind of lucky eye jewelry for men also makes great gifts. Instead of giving just a simple money clip, why don’t you give an evil eye money clip instead? This way, the gift is more meaningful. He can use it for his money, but it can also protect him from the dangers of the eye.

Red Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelets – A shopping guide

A simple search of the keyword ‘evil eye bracelet’ on google reveals over 11 million results on. The large number is mainly due to the wide variety of these bracelets as well as the different levels of quality they are made in. One must be careful in choosing one as low price does not always equate to quality and there are specific aspects to look for if you want the best value.

 What should you look for in an evil eye bracelet? I guess the answer to the question depends on what you are looking for. If what you are looking for is quality, read on as there are several key things to look at.

 First off, you need to look at the material used on the evil eye bracelet. Majority of the evil eye bracelets available on the internet are either zinc plated or sterling silver along with a small selection of gold evil eye bracelets. If you are looking to get any long-term use of the bracelet, ignore anything less than sterling silver bracelets. Almost all zinc coated bracelets are of poor quality and will tarnish drastically or even rust within a few weeks. They are extremely cheap for a reason. Most quality evil eye stores do not even carry them if they value customer satisfaction and repeat business. Gold evil eye bracelets are almost exclusively 14K gold as anything higher is usually too soft to work with when it comes to this type of evil eye bracelets. 

Once you decided between a sterling silver and gold evil eye bracelet, your next step is to examine the main part of your bracelet, the evil eye itself. Some of the less expensive evil eye bracelets feature poor quality glass eyes which can result in a poor appearance as well as discomfort when wearing them as the bracelet is not evenly balanced therefore will not sit right on your wrist. Only a few companies boast using quality glass and proud to show off their items with close-ups on their websites. The key aspect to look for in the glass eyes is consistency, in other words, are all the glass eyes alike. They will not be exact duplicates but size as well as the roundness must be very similar to produce a high quality bracelet. 

Next thing to inspect is the quality of the links used on the bracelet and the clasp itself. Do not buy an evil eye bracelet that does not have a lobster clasp as other styles of clasps tend to break a lot easier and lobster clasps are proven to last longer. The links on the bracelet are also important since you want it to sit evenly without the possibility of snapping between the glass beads during daily activity.

There are several websites on the internet that sell these bracelets. The tips given to you above will not narrow down the 11 million choices you have down to one, but will enable to eliminate a huge majority of them. For examples of higher quality evil eye bracelets and other forms of evil eye jewelry, visit a website that specializes in the items you are looking for  and not one that sells some for the sake of variety.

Evil Eye Party and Wedding Favors

Evil Eye Wedding Favors

Unique wedding favors can really flair your wedding reception.  JEYLA the evil eye store has created a collection that is not only unique but elegant and thoughtful. Their new line of shower gifts and wedding favors not only have a touch of culture but also pass on a piece of the host’s heritage.

The evil eye  is a part of most Mediterranean cultures like Greek and Italian as well as a very strong belief in the Hispanic culture. The evil eye, also called the lucky eye, can make a very unique favor for any occasion and they have created several designs that you can offer your guests.

These products are an excellent idea for any Greek, Italian, Turkish, and Mexican wedding or party.

Items such as the pretty little gold bell with the saying “Join us in ringing the bell to celebrate a lifetime of Love and Happiness” and the always popular bottle of bubbles, both with sterling silver evil eye pendants attached,  give your guests a little piece of luck to take with them.

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